Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sugar Plum Fairy Door

Over the past two days I have been sharing Sandy P.'s Fairy Door Journal entries. 
Yesterday I shared Andrea's
And I've been teasing everyone at the Circle of Friends about how I went a bit overboard on mine...well now you can be the judge of that.
I've never done a Fairy door before, heck I really don't do that much with fairy's so at first this one threw me for a loop, I was thinking The Tooth Fairy but was worried that would creep some people out. 
Well, I ended up going with The Sugar Plum Fairy and I fully embraced the candy and let The Nutcracker influence me.  
I started by making the bricks, or in this case gum drops.  They are polymer clay, painted and covered with glitter.  For mortar on the wall I used texture paste.
Everything just had to be sparkly, so the Nutcrackers are painted using Twinkling H2O's, and their hair is flocking, anything gold on them is perfect pearls.  
I knew I was having stopping issues when I kept adding to the stage.  Originally I only planned on the snow with glitter but obviously I added tensile and blue seam binding.
I created a window using a small round tin, inside is a fairy (she is hard to see in these pictures) with pink wings.  And of course there is snow built up on the window.  Because of the window it made the door very thick so I had to do a lot of shoring up.
I added a picture frame back hold it up.
To be honest I could go on and on about what I did but I would still miss something.  I plan on making something similar and I will do a tutorial to go along with that.   


peggy gatto said...

It is pure delight!!!!!!!!!

Monica said...

That is awesome Caroline!!!:)

Monica said...

That is awesome Caroline!!

Kathy said...

Fantastic! Looks good enough to eat. Never! For then it would be gone. Lost forever:-(

Kelly_Deal said...

This is really cute!

Ally White Cat said...

amazing..and so yummy looking..how fabulous.
susan s.