Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sylph Bath Salts

 What is my favorite thing to do after a long day of working, cleaning and taking care of the kids? 
Soaking in a warm tub with a good book..
 I came up with these aromatherapy bath salts when my stress levels started to get the better of me. 
The best part is not only do they relieve the stress but man do they smell good!
 I felt like I had been healed by fairy's. 
With that thought came the name for them. 


The sylph is a fragment of the earth's soul in faery form.  In the faery realms, light comes not from above but from within.  The mythologist Joseph Cambell tells us that cultures throughout history describe a timeless zone beyond the visible world: "In dreams and vision one enters into it, and on waking returns...As such experiences have let us know,  its apparitions are of a self-luminous substance, revelatory of the vital energies, not only of ourselves, but all living things.  - Brian Froud
It is the perfect name because that is exactly how I felt after using these bath salts.  I hope you do to.  I have some on sale in my Etsy shop.
They would make a wonderful holiday gift!

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