Monday, December 24, 2012

In Memory ~ Caramel Cake

 One year ago today I found myself sinking to the floor crying, my Grandmother, one of the most influential women in my life, had moved on to be with her dearly departed husband in heaven. 
 This time of year is especially hard for me because we used to spend many of our Thanksgiving and Christmas' with her. 
 She taught me all she knew about cooking.  Not by word of mouth but by spending time in the kitchen with her.
 One of the best cakes she made was a Caramel Cake, and I studied everything she did so that I would be able to make it. 
 I'm pretty good at the cake part, but the frosting, the homemade caramel, that is tricky.
 I've reluctantly come to the conclusion that it can only be perfect if you cook it with someone else. 
 My frosting was so so, but no one cared because it was the memories that matter.
 So here's to you Mama Doris, a slice in your memory.
Missing you dearly this Christmas Eve and every other day of the year.

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Ally White Cat said...

you have come a long way Caroline.They never go to far you know.
susan s