Saturday, January 11, 2014

True Love - A Postcard?

 It's postcard sized so that's what I'm going with.   However, you can't drop it in the mail or write a message on the back (not a long one at least).
 The heart is ice resin so you can see right through it. I used the same process as I did on my Perfume Bottle Resin tutorial but instead of little glass spheres, I added some flecks of silver to spice it up.
 The bird is paper clay, painted white and glittered, after all what bird doesn't want to be coated in glitter.  It is meant to look like he is holding the "True Love" banner.
 Of course it has a fabulously romantic couple (True Romance Collage Sheet from Alpha Stamps).
This is the back, just enough room to write your lover a little message.
I made two of these (because I am always worried about how the ice resin will cure) and they both turned out so I have this one for sale (super cheep) in my etsy store along with some other Free Valentines day art.  So please stop by.
I'm linking up with Manopopjes Paper Saturday, come check out all the wonderful art.


Jez said...

A luscious and romantic postcard - who wouldn't love to receive that as a Valentine Day card!
Thank you for your very kind and interesting comment on my blog. When the comment came through on my email (automatic from blogger) I wrote a long reply, but then when I tried to send I found you were 'no reply'. It's very nice when people change this to include their email address, because it's possible to send an answer.
I'll be back again to see more of your lovely artwork.

Lottie said...

Now this is the sort of art work that I would just love to do. So feminine and nostalgic. And I don't believe for one minute that you made two because of your worry with the iced resin - methinks that you have two valentines that you have set your heart on!!!!lol

Linda Wildenstein said...

This is so pretty and I love the look you achieved. You always come up with such great ideas. Oma Linda

Valerie-Jael said...

This is a gorgeously romantic postcard, love it! Valerie

Manon Visser said...

Oh wow That is so amazing I love your gorgeous work. I am hopeless with resin and can't help myself touching it when I am supposed to leave it drying. Happy belated Paper Saturdays. ManonX

Anonymous said...

So pretty! Love the shabby chic style!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How pretty. I put it in my favs on Etsy!