Thursday, September 27, 2012

Slow Progress and a Funeral

I am participating (or at least trying to) in Laura's Pretty Potions & Poisons Apothecary Event. I ordered all my items a while back and have been ever so slowly chiseling away at her wonderful tutorials and adding to my own Apothecary. 

Some people are already done!  So I figured I would share a few photo's of what I have so far.  Above I created some cake slices out of sponges and caulking.  They look good enough to eat don't they!

And here I've started working on the top of my Apothecary, as you can see my theme is a bit different. 
Now onto something very sad
Please hit play to experience the full effect. 
Last week my beloved Nikon took it's final photograph.  It has been there for me for over 5 years and taken countless pictures of art, three homes, and the birth and growth of two girls.
It deserves to be buried in honor. 
And since I'm a southern girl, it should be done southern style. 
Farewell my good friend, I shall see you soon in many art pieces since I plan on smashing you to bits and using every last drop of your gorgeous bits. 
And now...
My new camera.
You have a lot to live up to.


wwilloww said...

OMG!!! I loved that video and your fond farewell to your beloved Nikon which will live on in your future art!!!

Creative Wings Boutique said...

hah you crack me up...those cupcakes look marvelous darling simply marvelous