Saturday, September 8, 2012

Farm Finds

Last weekend I decided to take a trip around the farm and collect some fabulous natural goodies to use in my art as well as to decorate the house with.

The long leaf pine (at least I think that is what the pines are called) are too young to have any cones on them yet, but when they do they will be big ones.  For now I am settling for these nice normal and mini ones. 

Last year on Pinterest I found an image where a woman had painted all her acorns turquoise and put them in a pretty jar.  Well turquoise does not go in my house so no painted, yet.  And I couldn't resist the caps, they are a wonderful texture and I have an idea for turning them into old fashioned ornaments.
I couldn't leave without collecting some exotic looking chicken feathers.  I can't wait until October when the chickens really start to loose their feathers. 
Come on Fall, I'm ready for you!


hope ellington said...

no turquoise wouldn't exactly go in my house either & I have never heard of painting acorns either. Humm...interesting. Cool concept. I love pinecones though!!

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

LOL I was thinking about spray painting pumpkins turquoise, baby pink, and butter yellow for my house. ;P

Creative Wings Boutique said...

Hey girl... Those feathers r amazing... Luv those... See u have great stash too...

Nook and Cranny said...

I painted acorns (not the tops) pink and fushia, then glued back on the tops for my daughter's baby shower last fall. I still have them.
Possibly would look good gold and such for fall??
I love, love the feathers.
Great finds.

Ally White Cat said...

Have fun with your treasures they are lovely and anything you make will be also.
susan s.