Thursday, September 13, 2012

Alice In Wonderland Book Binding Tutorial

Hey Gang, today marks the last of the Alice in Wonderland tutorials that I am doing.  In other words the projects are all finished up now.  I hope you have learned and enjoyed the tutorials and all the art I've shared. 
The image, heart and German Scrap were all purchased from Alpha Stamps

This is what the Alice Chunky books looked like when I was all done with them.  I kept the covers simple for a number of reasons.  I want everyone to be able to show them, and I don't know everyone's decorating style.  
But that's not important.  Lets get onto the binding.
For the sake of simplicity (because this is a rather complicated F1-F4 (this is for the front holes) and B1-B4 (for the back holes).  As always if you have any questions let me know and I will get back to you.
Start by creating a template the size you need.  My chunky books are 5" tall.  So I cut a piece of paper 5" long measured in from the edge 3/8, divided out the up and down space to evenly space the holes and punched.
I used thick card stock for the cover and back of the books.  This product does not bend easily so I scored the card stock slightly 1/2" in from the edge. 
Now it's time to punch.  I stared with the covers and then did all the pages. 
Not all of your pages will line up perfectly.  Don't worry about it.
Now it's time to start binding.  Select a strong thread and a sturdy needle.  I tried doing these with yarn but that was too bulky so I went with DMC floss.  A wax coated thread works best tough. 
With the back cover OFF, thread your needle through B3 (B1 is the top hole in the back, B4 is the bottom hole in the back) all the pages and out the front of F3. 
DO NOT pull all the way through.  When you have a nice amount to tie in a knot, put a piece of tape around it like shown. 
Now put your back cover on.
Insert your needle into B3 and come out F3
(You will create the outside loop shown above)
Now it's time to make sure you have everything lines up and start tightening.  Pinch your covers together and pull your string gently until the binding is nice and tight. 
Your needle has come out of F3
Insert needle into F2 and through to B2
Again pull tight (by tight I mean firm, be careful not to break your string)
This is how your book should look up to this point.

Insert your needle into F2 and come out B2
pull your string tight.
Insert your needle into B1 and come out F1
pull string tight

Pay attention this part is tricky,
Insert your needle into B1 and come out F1 by looping around the top of the book as shown above.
Pull string tight

This is what your book should look like now.
Insert your needle into F2 and come out B2
Pull string tight
Insert your needle into B3 and come out F3
Pull string tight
Insert needle into F4 and come out B4
Pull string tight
Now make the loop like you did earlier by inserting your needle into F4 by looping around the bottom of the book.
Pull string tight
At this point make sure everything is nice and tight.  You are almost done!
Insert needle into B3 But DO NOT pull all the way through.  Instead just go through the back cover.
Remember that taped off end.  Well now you can tie the two ends together. 
Make sure your knot is secure and cut off the excess. You might be able to tuck the excess in to hide it. 

All Done!
I took the extra binding floss and made a bow on the front. 
Look, nice and chunky
And because I scored the front and back covers the book opens easily. 
Thank you so much for checking out my tutorial.  I hope it helps you create your very own bound chunky book. 
Now onto the good stuff right :)
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Jess said...

Looks awesome! Great tutorial! Would love to be in the giveaway!

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