Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ruby Jean's Katies Rose Cottage Giveaway Winnings

A few weeks ago I got fantastic news, that I was the winner of Ruby Jean's Katies Rose Cottage Giveaway!

And today I received my fabulous goodies and oh my are they even better than I could have imagined.

The prize was $50 worth or whatever my heart desired, well alas my heart desired everything but I controlled myself and only went slightly over the winnings.  Now I wish I had gotten more

I selected this fabulous old very rustic (which to me adds character) grain bucket and a wonderful holiday pillow.

I don't know what I'm going to put in the grain bucket yet, any suggestions would be much appreciated, but dosnt' it look lovely on the hearth (FYI I hate my fireplace, one of these days it is going to get a major overhaul).

And here is the gorgeous pillow (so wish I had ordered more of these!).

Thank you so much Ruby Jean for hosting such a fabulous giveaway and Katie Rose Cottage for making such wonderful things!  Today was better than Christmas!


Ruby Jean said...

Oh Caroline..It's absolutely Beautiful... I LOVE the items you picked... I can imagine how hard that must have been... Being that EVERYTHING Lori carries in her shop is Gorgeous!!! Have a Beautiful and Blessed week!!!

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Congrats on your win!!!

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Ohhh it looks so pretty!!! I am thrilled that you won!!
Your pictures are wonderful!


trisha too said...

How fun is THAT?? Congratulations, and thank you for sharing your goodies with us!!