Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Diva Days of December

I have been a member of PBS for five years now and every year (except the first) I have taken part in the Diva Days of December.  Who and What are the Diva's?  Well, we are just a group of women who enjoy reading (not necessarily the same things) that are member of PBS (see my side bar) that love to exchange gifts and chat. 

This year we are doing 7 Days of Diva (because 12 was too many and 6 wasn't enough LOL).  And I am exchanging with my very bestest friend in the whole wide world (who I suckered into PBS and into the Diva's)! 

Here are my 7 packages for Heather, I decided to indicate which day to open by putting that number of flowers on the box. 

So this is box 5.

We start opening on December 17th and I already have 4 boxes from Heather sitting next to me, one of them smells scrumptious, I half want to open it and make sure somethings not broken but she told me not too ;)

So I'll see you December 17th to share the lovely items Heather sent me.  Don't you wish you were a Diva!

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