Friday, August 31, 2012

Silk or Linen, 12th Anniversary

12 years ago, I said "Yes" to the most fabulous man alive (go ahead try to argue with me, you will loose ;). 
Since then we have lived in 7 different homes, have loved and lost a wonderful dog, increased out cat count to 3 (how did this happen!) and had 2 out of this world awesome little girls.  There have been good times and bad and really bad and we have weathered it all.
So do I get Silk or Linen for this anniversary?  Or is it Pearls (the modern day gift).  Believe it or not I don't want any of those things.
My fabulous husband is taking me out on a date!  With no kids!  Back where it all started, Auburn.  Tonight we will put on clothing that hasn't been snotted on, cat furred all over, or seen the outside of our closets for a very long time and head to Warehouse Bistro
Here's what I think I am going to order, I do tent to chuck it all and order the Chef Special once I arrive.  I love experimenting.  And of course there will be drinks, mixed and wine.
 Snails prepared in the authentic manner with herbs, garlic butter, and Pernod.
Twin Duck Breasts
 Grilled, seasoned duck breasts thinly sliced with wild cherry sauce. Served with black barley wild rice and vegetable du jour.
Chocolate Velvet Torte
 A flourless chocolate torte, covered with chocolate ganache. Served with raspberry sauce. With Cappuccino
 Italian coffee with frothed milk. Topped with whipped cream.

I am so looking forward to tonight.  Not because of the foo (but that doesn't hurt) but because I get my man all to myself, we can laugh about the past and dream about the future together.  Forget about all the day to day drudgery and return to who we were when life was just about us. 
I love you Kevin, always have, always will!


Creative Wings Boutique said...

oh how sweet. my hubby and i havent had a date in years and am super jealous of your fab night...enjoy every minute... big hugs

peggy gatto said...

Have a special evening!

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Happy Anniversary Dear Caroline and Kevin.
enJOY Your Night,

Nichola said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Woo hoo! Have fun kids :)

Linda said...

Happy Anniversary...We have been married for 31 years...It just gets better...

Carmen Willis said...

Happy Anniversary to both of you. It sounds like you both have a loving solid relationship. It's the good times and bad times, that builds your marriage and when two become one. Here's wishing you both many many more years of God's blessings lasting love and happiness. Congratulations!
Hugs to you both!
Carmen Willis