Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Marie Folded Cloth Heart

 Heart closed

Terri Gordon came up with another fabulous MAMA Swap.  This time participants created a Folded Cloth Heart to send to an assigned partner.

No glue to be used on this heart, this is to be sewn, either by machine or hand.
When you print out the pattern it should be 6 inches high by 8 1/2 wide. These are alot of fun to make, use beautiful laces and you can decorate your heart anyway you would like, you can also use color if you wish.

Rhonda and I were partnered together and both of us are ecstatic to be finally creating for the other one.  Especially since Rhonda is the wonderful person who invited me to join MAMA

 Outside of the heart

Originally I wanted to go darker, Marie without her head, because Rhonda loves the dark side.  However I just couldn't make it work so I went with the cupcake theme.  Most of the items I have used can be purchased through Alpha Stamps.

 Outside of the heart open

Terri made a wonderful tutorial that I followed most of, I had a lot of seed beads to sew on so I closed up my heart a bit differently than Terri suggested and it worked and there are no messing sew marks showing.

Inside of the heart 

The Inside design came to me before the outside.  I absolutely love these Eat Cupcakes Bookmark images that I purchased from Olgas Designs on Etsy

The cupcake images are from Alpha Stamps. I printed everything out on fabric and sewed them on the heart adding seed beads to enhance them.

The photos don't do this piece any justice, which is a shame because I really wish you all could see how pretty it is.  At least Rhonda will :)

And yes, I sewed on each and everyone of those pearls.  And yes, my fingers hurt.  So I am off to find some lotion and get started on my next project.  Hope you enjoy.  


Bobbi Ann Cook said...

Bravo Caroline! The cupcakes, the lace, Marie, the pearls, the birds...just outstanding! It's unique, charming and very BEAUTIFUL!
Hugs and many blessings...
Bobbi Ann

Creative Wings Boutique said...

caroline its just amazing... big hugs