Friday, June 8, 2012

Foil Texture Without an Embossing System ~ Tutorial

A few weeks ago I bought some foil tape to use on the roof of this house journal. When I got it home and read the instructions I realized that I don't have (nor do I want to buy) an embossing system and that there had to be a way to get texture without an embossing system.  So I started testing different techniques and boy did I come up with a bunch, this is only one, I will share the others over the next few weeks.

Foil Tape
Thin Cardboard (like a cereal box)
Alcohol inks
Blending solution
Crackle Medium (Rangers Crackle accents)

Step 1:  Decide what kind of pattern/texture you would like.  I am doing a roof so I decided on a scalloped edge that I would stack on top of one another.  Measure and draw out your design and then cut it out.

Step 2:  Glue your texture together

Step 3:  Trace and cut out the cardboard to the desired shape

Step 5:  Cover the Texture piece with foil tape

Step 6:  Press down the foil tape onto your texture piece making sure to bring out all the curves.  Be careful not to scratch the foil, use your finger tip NOT your nail. 

Step 7:  Trim around the shape leaving about an 1/8th of an inch to curve around to the back of your textured piece.

Step 8:  Gather your Alcohol inks and blending solution.

Step 9:  Apply Alcohol inks directly to the foil, let it run together

Step 10:  To ensure all the silver is covered pounce on the alcohol ink but DO NOT use any blending solution.

Step 11: OPTIONAL  I wanted a bit more texture so I covered my piece with Crackle Accents

Step 12:  OPTIONAL Because I added the crackle accent I decided to do another layer of Alcohol ink to fill in the cracks. 

Apply the ink directly to the piece and quickly wipe it away, if you get too much apply a bit of blending solution to a rag and wipe it away.  Be very careful here because the cracks go all the way through and if the blending solution reaches the color it will spread it and water the color down.

And that's that.  All done.  Yes I know that running the foil sheets through a machine is much easier but if you don't have an embossing system this is a way to achieve a nice look. 

Hope you Enjoy!


Sandi said...

Oh so clever! I have lots of embossing folders but often want something original..I save foil off the top of sour cream containers etc for just this sort of crafting. Hugs,

Ginger said...

Clever, and a great tutorial. I use empty coke cans, as the metal is a nice weight and easy to cut. Aren't we a frugal lot. lol

Janet Ghio said...

Thanks so much for the tutorial! Looks great!

Artfully Musing said...

This technique is so cool and I can see so many ways you could use it. Fab job! Laura