Friday, March 9, 2012

Lewis Caroll

Well, I've gotten halfway through sharing all the Dead Author Tag Swap pieces so I thought it might be time to share what I created.

I selected Lewis Caroll as my Dead Author and decided to focus on one of my sisters favorites of his, Alice in Wonderland.

Here she is visiting the Caterpillar (conveniently not shown because well, I can't draw him LOL) instead I have her looking towards the "mushroom"

I think I decided to do Alice in Wonderland because I wanted to make these mushrooms.  They are made out of glass that I soldered together and then patinaed and finally stamped Eat Me on (which you can't see from this angle).

On the back I included a picture of the fabulous author and a few more tid bits from the book like the red roses and some red hearts that are hard to see but there.

Other Dead Authors in the Tag book include
Edgar Allan Poe
Emily Dickenson
Robert Von Ranke Graves
Cicely Mary Barler
Oscar Wilde

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trisha too said...

Well that is a fun tag book, and goreous as well. That is probably the best idea for a swap i have ever heard, dead authors!