Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Art Share ~ Sandy P.

Another wonderful tag for the Circle of Friends Dead Author Tag Book Swap that I am hosting.  This one is by Sandy P.

She selected the author Cicely Mary Barker
and shared this information with us.
Craydon, Surrey, England
B. 1895 D. 1973
Author, Artist, Illustrator, Teacher

Cicely had epilepsy as a child, so wasn't able to go to school or play like other children.  She learned at an early age to entertain herself with writing, drawing and painting.  her subjects were often the children of her sisters' kindergarten and nature.  She helped support her family when her Flower Fairy verses and art was published and well received by the public. 

Cicely Mary Barker is the first Dead Author in our tag book that was also an artist.  I think she is a wonderful addition.

Other Authors in the Tag book include
Edgar Allan Poe
Emily Dickenson
Robert Von Ranke Graves

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