Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Art Share ~ Andrea

Today I am sharing another piece from the Dead Authors Swap I am hosting.  This piece is by Andrea, who is hosting April with a wonderful swap where we will exchange a stamp and create anything we desire with it.  To learn more about our group visit us at our yahoo group. 

 Andrea selected the author Robert Graves and shared the following information
Born in London 1895 Died in Spain 1985
He wrote I, Claudius and Claudius, the Good
and has 15 Volume's of Poetry published

This is the back of her envelope I just love what she did to the leaf, it is almost camouflaged. 

Authors in the COF Dead Author Tag Book
Edgar Allan Poe
Emily Dickenson
Robert Von Ranke Graves


Creative Wings Boutique said...

oh if i only i had time to read let alone craft... looks like you will be busy crafting ..... hugs

Ally White Cat said...

I love love love my book! Thank you so very much.

susan s.