Sunday, March 18, 2012

Art Share ~ Naughty Valentine Tins

Today I am sharing the last of the Alpha Stamps Naughty Valentine Swap pieces which is sad but then again you can always go view all 108 images in the Gallery HERE

The above piece was created by Susan S.  Can you guess what she used as a pedestal?  It's a cap to a bottle! 

This one is by first time swapper Theresa G. she sent me the nicest e-mail telling me that she had messed up her tins but was sending them anyway.  Messed up!  Whatever!  Isn't it gorgeous!  She used mini painted wood bits as a stand.

This piece is by Robin P.  She hand beaded the heart!

Jessa B. has a hidden secret inside her tins (you can view it in the gallery, link above) and she sent me some scrumptious whole peppercorns as a gift.  Gorgeous art and yummy food what more could a hostess ask for?

And lastly, but certainly not least, Patsy K. created this gorgeous tin (that I had to keep) I love that she didn't use traditional valentine colors and the simplicity draws me in.  On the side she used a gorgeous black and white art deco ribbon that adds so much (view it in the gallery).

Well, that's all :(  I had a great time creating, viewing, and swapping these tins.  Everyone outdid themselves!  And I look forward to swapping with everyone in the future.  Make sure to check out Alpha Stamps Yahoo Group for upcoming swaps.  

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Knickertwist said...

All of those tins are fabulous. The green tin by Theresa G is just the bees knees! So very lovely.