Saturday, March 10, 2012

Art Share ~ Sandy

It's so fun to swap with new people.  This piece was made by one of the newer members of the Circle of Friends, Sandy.

A quick recap of the swap I am hosting.  It is a tag swap (I'll be combining all the tags into a book) featuring Dead Authors.  The participants only had to create a tag, but many made the envelopes also. 

If you would be interested in joining a fun, chatty art group please check us out at our yahoo group.

Sandy selected the author Edgar Allan Poe and her tags have tons of cool features that don't show up in the photo's.  Lots of embossing and watermarks.

I created these envelopes to hold Sandy's lovely art, I hope I did it justice.  Poe is one of my favorites too so I had lots of Raven stuff and quotes from his works.  I tried to stick with her color scheme but my brown was a bit off.  It was a lot of fun working off of someone else's art. 

Other Authors in our Tag Book art
Emily Dickenson
Robert Von Ranke Graves
Cicely Mary Barker
Oscar Wilde
Lewis Caroll

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