Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The True Story of the Mad Hatter

 Yesterday was the mailing deadline for the Alpha Stamps Cabinet Card Curiosities Swap.
 If you missed out on this swap, no worries Alpha Stamps always has a fun swap going on. 
 This is my "True Story of the Mad Hatter" Cabinet Card book.
 My Story:
The Mad Hatters family perished in a fire.  
 He could not bear to be where his family used to live so he decided to travel the world and became captain of a boat.
 One day he spots a well dressed white rabbit and follows him.
 He winds up in Wonderland and can't find his way back. 
 So he embraced the craziness of his new life and becomes the Mad Hatter

And only the wise Caterpillar knows the true story of how the Mad Hatter became.


Karen Mallory said...

Love your cabinet cards!
Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope to join in one of the swaps in the new year!
hugs Karen

Beverly Sager said...

Great story! Your cabinet card is so interesting - so much detail, lots to see :)