Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Read ALong ~ Dreamhunter Part 4 Winner

Hey gang, another week has come and gone which means it's time to announce another winner!

This week the winner gets to choose between a $5 Gift Certificate from Amazon OR 1 PBS Credit OR the handmade gift pictured below.

So without further ado, the winner is



You can e-mail me at cmoh@earthlink.net with the prize you would like or contact me via Facebook.  Please let me know your e-mail address is you want the Amazon Gift Certificate, your user name if you want the PBS credit or your address is you would like the homemade item.  Note on homemade items, I will mail them out at the end of the Read Along (in case you win more than one).

Okay now onto more fun.  Last week I said to start thinking about how you would Cast Dreamhunter.  For each character that you cast I'll put your name in the hat to win the left over handmade items (This is only for the handmade items).  The below item is available and there may be others, I'll let you know soon.

Okay onto my cast.  You can view my cast at StoryCasting.com you can create a cast there or you can just list your characters and the actors you have selected.

Chorley Tiebold = Aaron Eckhart
Grace Tiebold = Julianna Moore
Rose Tiebold = Emma Stone
Tziga Hame = Paul Bettany
Laura Hame = Saoirse Ronan
Sandy = Chris Zylka
Cas Doran = Colin Firth
Ru Doran = Kevin Zegers
Mamie Doran = ????
Marta Hame = Catherine Zeta Jones
Maze Plasir = Steve Bucsemi

Looking forward to seeing your cast.  Now I am off to finish up tomorrows prize.

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