Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Read Along ~ Dreamhunter, Part 3 Winner

Hey Gang!  So another week has come and gone and this past week we had some great discussion, some of which I want to highlight.

A few weeks ago Wende said that this book reminded her of a cross between The Hunger Games and Harry Potter.  This week Jenny said that it reminded her of the movie Inception (which I love!).  Does anyone else see the connections, does it remind y'all of anything? 

Jenny sees the world as kind of Steampunky and is bothered by the timeline.  I never saw the world as Steampunkish but because of the date header at the start of the book I always had trouble seeing it as anything but East Coast beach town in the early 1900's when I often wondered what New Zealand (where the author comes from) looked like then.  Because I very much doubt she wanted her readers to give her characters Bostonian accents.  I too struggled with how organized everything was, after all The Place was discovered less than 20 years prior to when the book takes place. 

Anyone have any comments?

Okay onto the fun stuff, the prize.  As always the winner this week will have a choice between a $5 Amazon Gift Certificate, 1 PBS Credit or the handmade gift shown bellow.

And the winner is


Congratulations!  You can e-mail me at cmoh@earthlink.net or contact me via FB to let me know what prize you would like.  If you want the Amazon gift card please leave me the e-mail address you would like it sent to.  If you want the PBS credit please give me your screen name, and I will need your address if you would like the handmade item.

Onto a bit of fun.  I created a Treasury listing of things that reminded me of this book.  Take a minute to check it out, see some of the wonderful handmade creations.  I have almost bought the shirt a few times, now the only thing stopping me is that it is hot outside.

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