Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A very "Royal" Swap & Cup

I've been posting about the MAMA Tea Cup swap for weeks now, but they have all been what I sent, well drum roll please because here is the really fabulous stuff, what I got from Becky!

To remind you real quick about the swap requirements we needed to get our partner a tea cup (English, French, German) some of our favorite tea and a small gift. Becky did an Amazing job (and that isn't showing nearly the enthusiasm I have for what she sent me).

This photo shows absolutely everything she sent me, all the goodies were stuffed inside the bag and I just kept pulling out scrumptious tea bags after scrumptious tea bags and then there is the silver spoon (yep she sent me a silver spoon!) the lace doily the handbag, the tea towel and the cup.

I'll start with the tea cup. It's actually one I've been eyeing for some time now. It's a Royal Vale with french blue or Robbin's egg blue (I never know which is the right description I just know I love the color) and all the flowers are in gold!

I just love the shape of the cup, delicate but yet not something a man would feel uncomfortable holding (at least I don't think so).

The Tea's Becky sent me are going to taste scrumptious when I drink them out of this. She sent a slew of flavors, Organic Apple Red, Cranberry Pomegranate Green Tea, Pomegranate Delight Black Tea (I can't wait to try this one), Constant Comment, Meyer Lemon with honey, French Vanilla, Vanilla Caramel (which is Becky's favorite) and some organic tea. Most of it is caffeine free which I am super excited about because come 4 pm I am always craving coffee or tea and it's too late for me to have caffeine. I'm high energy without the stuff :)

Okay now I'll talk about the beautiful small gift she made me. It's a darling french inspired handbag that I can't wait to show off.

The French image is printed and sewn on she added touches of glitter to it (which of course I love, after all I am the Glitter Tart). The ruffles at the top are scrumptious, I think she used a ruffler, I'll have to ask, I've been thinking about getting one for my sewing machine. And then there are the handmade flowers and lace.

I've taken some close up shots because I can't begin to describe how lovely this bag is. Just look at the fabulous gems she added to the flower.

I think this is my favorite swap so far this year and it might just go down as my all time favorite swap ever! I am thrilled with everything and will be able to enjoy it for years to come.


Miz Bella said...

I'm soooooo jealous! Gorgeous gift!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! What a cool swap idea.

Snap said...

Beautiful swap! Everything is lovely. Happy Tea Day!

Holly Moore said...

Gorgeous stuff and amazing cup you got from Becky. I am so happy I found your blog Caroline. Wasn't it a fun swap? Off to look some more. Have a wonderful day. Yours, Holly

Wanda said...

How lovely, I am a member of MAMA and also was in the tea cup swap. I think we all received a wonderful exchange. I am amazed at the talent in this group. TTFN

Johanna said...

Hello Caroline,
what a wonderful swap with great things. This robinblue tea cup is a real treasure.
Best greetings, Johanna

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

What a gorgeous teacup! Robins egg blue is my favourite colour so I'm loving it! All your gifts are wonderful; the bag is darling. You did very well in your swap. Thanks for stopping by for Tea Time and have a lovely week.


Sunny said...

Bonjour! Le Swap looks fun. I lve the teacup! I must watch for the next swap. Sunny109

Willow said...

What wonderful and beautiful gifts you received. Sounds like a great swap.

Terri said...

Wow! Your swap items are fabulous! I love the tea cup, that is a gorgeous color, and the gold design is perfect. How did she know you had been wanting that cup???
The bag she created is beautiful and so very French! All the goodies are wonderful.

Becs said...

Oh Caroline I am so glad you liked everything! The pomegranate Black tea is also very good! As for the bag, the ruffles were done with regular sewing, no ruffler, I have heard about them, but my sewing skills are not that great...so don't look too closely...lol It was an awesome swap and thanks again for everything! Becs

KathyB. said...

OOOooooooooh! Everything about your gift is exquisite.Some people really know how to give a gift that excites from beginning to end and then some. You received just such a gift, congratulations! I bet she is the kind of person everyone loves to receive gifts from.