Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Cleaning

This week the theme at One Powerful Hour is...

Spring Cleaning

And boy do I need to get some of that done. But to me it's a four letter word! On top of that, I couldn't wrap my mind around an art project that really featured spring cleaning. So I bit the bullet and did something I've been needing to for a long time. I cleaned up all those odds and ends that pile up on the desk.

A few weeks ago when I was at the grocery store I purchased a bunch of mason jars. I put all those odds and ends into 12 different jars. Each jar has it's own theme which I hand wrote onto a punched out piece of decorative paper that I added glitter to the edges of.

To spruce up the jar I wrapped the lid in a silky grey ribbon and then glued a bow onto it. The jars themselves took very little time to decorate, and separating out all that stuff on my desk actually didn't take that long either, once I decided to do it.

The question was what should I do with the jars. After all desk space is already maxed out. So I took a note from one of my favorite space saver/decorating magazines and decided to utilize the window.

Believe it or not putting all this up in the window also took less than an hour. It did however require a trip to the hardware store. I had the wood but not the hardware. I wish the wood panels were glass, maybe I can switch it out in the future.

On top of getting all those bits and pieces off my desk (which is still covered with stuff but getting better) I also managed to find a new home for all my paintbrushes and for two of my stained glass window pieces that were collecting dust at the bottom of a pile of papers on my desk...can you believe I let them just sit!

I am not 100% pleased with the window shelves but for a 1 hour project I think I did really well. And I have a ton more space so next time the "stuff" starts to take over again I'll know what to do.


Sarah Cooper said...

I love the Jars or yummies!
If you can't find glass for shelves maybe wire would work?
I have bottles with stoppers(I collect them) filled with food coloring tinted water on white coated wire shelves in my kitchen window, you don't notice the wires as all.

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Pure beauty!! TFS.
Have a great week.