Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tea Cup Swap goes Postal

I know, I know, crazy to decorate a shipping box. But I just couldn't help myself. I'm so excited about what's inside that I had to make the outside look just as good (actually the inside is better).

So this is the box that my latest MAMA swap is being delivered to my partner in. The swap was for a tea cup filled with your favorite tea and a small gift. I'm not going to let one peep out of what's inside until my swap partner receives it...after all shouldn't she be the first to lay eyes on it???

Then I guess that leaves me to discuss the shipping box. It was actually a fast creation. I painted it with pink acrylic paint, stamped a swirl randomly all over (this part you can't see) in a soft linen shade and then highlighted a few of the swirls with gold glitter. The flowers are cut out of a decorative paper and glued on. Then I stamped all the tea paraphernalia and did a bit of distressing with Tim Holtz inks to give it a not so flat look.

I hope my partner enjoys what's inside. I'll be posting the contents as soon as she gets this.


bes53913 said...

What a cool thing to do - very pretty! And won't the postal workers be envious!

French Charmed ~ Chelle said...

Bonjour! How very inventive and fun. What a lucky swap partner you have! Thought I'd drop by to say Congrats on winning your Belle French Bee Pillow. You'll love it! Just need you to email me your shipping info. Thanks again for all of your entries and support. Au Revoir ~ Chelle

Anonymous said...

As the postal clerk who had the pleasure of mailing this box, yes I was envious! I really wanted to keep it at my counter as a piece of art. I really had a hard time putting the postage and ugly stickers that are required. LOL But it truley is a beautiful box. Caroline know I look forward to her coming in to see what she has created. ;-)

debi said...

Your package is beautiful Caroline! Can't wait to see what's inside!

Becs said...

YAY! I LOVE IT!!! Thanks so much Caroline! You have inspired me to try this too....Oh and the inside was to die for!!! I'll be posting about it on my blog with pictures this weekend. Becs