Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pepto-feather encrusted fiasco!

A few weeks ago I ran across a wonderful tutorial on Sweet Floweret's blog for an Easter Egg Tree. I thought it was a wonderful idea and very kid friendly so I decided to make it with my daughter this past weekend. We made some changes, and well I'm not so sure I like them. To me it looks like the feather monster threw up all over it (sorry).

I knew we were not going to be able to find the eggs used in the tutorial but I had seen some at Michael's that I thought would work, and I am not a fan of the bright green grass so yes, the feather boa was my idea (eak!). Michael's was almost entirely sold out so I had to improvise and bought as many eggs as I could, but I was a bit short.

We came home and got right to work, decided to leave the ribbons on the eggs (probably another mistake) and took apart the egg garland that I had bought to substitute for some of the eggs. With the hot glue gun fired up (and burning me on a number of occasions) we got started. My daughter diligently handing me an egg each time I asked and helping me wind the boa around the Styrofoam core.

As I said we were some eggs short so instead of trying to find some at another store (yep should have done that) I cut the top of the cone off and then glued on the topper.

Well, the topper was yet another mistake in this feather monstrosity, when you have feather overkill don't add more feathers. I love the cute little chicks but they don't do anything but get lost and look stumpy (since I cut the top off funny).

Oh well, can't win them all, and my 4 year old loves it. I don't think it will be making an appearance next year on the table though. Maybe I'll re-do it right.


Janet Ghio said...

It's kind of like the cousin "it" of Easter trees--but it's the thought that counts, right!!

Sweet Floweret said...

I just saw the comment you left on my blog. Hilarious. It's like my Easter Egg tree turned burlesque.
At least you tried and had fun with your daughter ;)