Thursday, December 25, 2008

My Sister's Christmas Present

Today is the 1st of December and I have just finished my little sister's Christmas present. I have had the materials for this project since May, they were originally going to be her birthday present but time got away from me. Since they are her Christmas present I am scheduling this post Way in please keep in mind that my spacing may be all messed up b/c I am preoccupied with opening my own gifts...I'll fix it if I need to later. Okay so for the first of three pillows. I used an image from Alpha Stamps Brother Grim Collage Images, The Ball #1. It is a fabric image that has been heat set and will not fade. I sewed it on using as decorative a stitch that I know how to do. the mice in the corners are also from an Alpha Stamps collage sheet. The Windows are hand stamped, the stamp is by Stampington and Co. I broke two needles putting the trim on...I had to go out and buy a sturdier needle but I got it on. I thought this one was going to be my favorite, the colors are right up my alley but when everything was all said and done, this one took a back seat. Funny how that goes.

My second pillow is the one with the most complicated sewing on it. I had no idea what I was doing but I figured it couldn't be that hard.

I wanted the 3 different fabrics to look like the stairs in the Alpha Stamps image, this one is from Midnight #1.

In the upper left hand corner I placed a triangle of the dark, what I dubbed, bushes, fabric.

I stamped the pocket watch on and added the hands to look like it is just before wasn't until afterwards that I realized I should have set them a little after midnight...Cinderella is already in her rags again...oh well...

The silver ribbon is sewed down and I think I did a pretty good job with the bow...bows are my arch enemy.

I learned a lot about sewing with this pillow...

And last but not least, my favorite! Although when I started the project I thought this one was going to be the one that did not come together. I had all these extra things I was going to do to make it look "better" and I ended up not doing a single one of them.

The image is from the Alpha Stamps Collage Sheet Midnight #1. The stamp is a fun swirl that is by Autumn leaves. I stamped it repeatedly in brown ink that has been heat set and will not wash away.

Before the stamping the green color I selected was far from my favorite...but the brown toned it down wonderfully and it is a perfect match to the image. I could not bring myself to buy anything purple...I loath that color. That didn't leave me much to work with.

After learning how to attack the trim on Pillow number 1 this trim took no time at all.

I hope she likes them...b/c if she doesn't I am going up to her place and bringing them back. I am having a very hard time wrapping them up.

Thanks for looking...hope you are having a wonderful holiday!

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Lenna Andrews said...

Your pillows are simply beautiful, Caroline! You did an awesome job. Gorgeous! :) love the fabric stamping and Alpha Stamps images.