Thursday, December 11, 2008

12 Day's of Diva-ness Days 3 and 4

And the fabulous gifts just keep coming!

Yesterday was Day 3 of the 12 Day's of Diva-ness and my fabulous Diva sent me a Yankee Candle Holiday Sampler, the scents are Mistletoe, Cinnamon and Sugar and Red Apple Wreath. I lit the Red Apple Wreath yesterday and it smells scrumptious!

On the Fourth Day of Diva-ness my Diva gave to me....a set of Alcohol inks and some clear embossing powder.

The set of Alcohol inks are the Miner's Lantern collection and the colors are Rust, Stonewashed and Pitch Black. I can't wait to try them out...I am growing my collection slowly and using them up faster LOL...and I am always in need of clear embossing powder!

Thank you most fabulous Diva! I love all my to try a different Day 3 candle.
I will leave you once again with a few of the fabulous Diva Guidlines
21. Being a Diva begins on the inside. Once you've convinced yourself, the rest of the world will follow.

23. Divas don't do fanny packs.

26. Divas know how to shop, so forget the budget and go for broke!

28. Divas don't beg. They ask, demand, pout, holler and cry and if none of that works they act like they didn't really want it in the first place but they NEVER beg.

29. Thou shalt keep thy profile updated, with lots of info that divas can use for shopping spree purposes.

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Annapurna said...

Very cool! Seems like gifts galore. Looks like you are having fun too.