Thursday, December 25, 2008

Another Christmas Present

For Father's day I sent my father a set of handmade, died and stamped napkins and they were a hit! So much so that when it came time for my mother to pick out Christmas gifts for her sister and kids, she asked me to make them all napkins.

Because of the number of napkins I needed to make, 24 total, we decided to go with only one design. The center of the napkins are an ocher tone with two different shades of shimmy gold randomly streaked on. The trim is a rich jungle green with a green shimmer paint that had a lot of gold in it really matched the center perfectly. The image that I stamped is a sketch of a Lion by Leonardo Da Vinchi.

So, for all those months that I didn't post anything on my blog, now you know why LOL...24 napkins do take quite a long time to put together but I learned a lot and think I have most of the sewing kinks worked out.
I hope they all enjoy them!

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