Saturday, September 6, 2008

Itty Bitty collage Swap

I have finally had a moment to take some pictures and upload them from this summers Itty Bitty Collage Swap hosted by Lenna Andrews through her swap blog Creative Swaps

If you go HERE you can see all of the participants pieces...and there are some incredible collages!

The first piece was made by Val Duncan from Australia...I believe the entire collage is built on fabric with bits of paper and tissue glued on highlighted with gold paint. The edges have been aged with a copper paint of some sort. The photo does not do the rich warm colors of her piece justice.

This 3 x 3 is by Louise Lucero and I think she used a paper towel that had been stained with paints as her background it has a honeycomb type texture to it. On top of that she attached stickers of various summer reminders and on the right hand side she attached a fun flirty dotted ribbon that compliments the colors of her collage.

This 3 x 3 entitles "Summer" is by Beverly Teichrob from Canada...what i find most amazing about Lenna's swaps is all the international participation. it is so much fun to see what comes from all the different countries.

Okay back to the collage...Beverly included instructions.

the background is a map, the car is cut from scrapbook paper and glued onto the map. She Drew the road with a black sharpie and stitched the yellow centre line with DMC floss, she then stitched buttons on for the tires. She accented the piece with a postage stamp and computer generated the words road trip.

Sorry my photo is so blurry...I must have taken about a dozen pictures and non of them turned out.

The Lazy Day's of Summer 3 x 3 collage is by Darline K. I believe everything was attached to fabric. The beach items are stickers with yellow died cheesecloth behind them. The sky is some kind of interesting shimmery fiber and the words are all glued on top. She trimmed the collage with a shimmery multiple colored fibber that she sewed all around and then made into a bow at the upper left.

I should have taken two photo's of this collage by Dottie Mucha. the butterfly flips open to say Summer Beauty...A fabulous addition to the collage. The sea shell in the lower left is real and she accented it with a small pearl. I believe the flower is stamped on velum colored and then cut out and attached...She added some shimmery effect that did not show up to well here...

And last but certainly not least is "seashells and Sunshine" by Linda Skeen. She either drew or stamped the images and then water colored the entire collage. Adding the words at the end. there is a fabulous 3D sea shell in the lower right that has, I believe been brushed with various green and gold paints.

It is so much fun to make and then receive such different pieces! HERE are the ones that I sent out.

Thanks for looking

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lottie said...

These are all so wonderful - and thanks for the links - fantastic artists all of you