Friday, September 19, 2008


Well, I have been diligently working, let me re-phrase, diligently playing, to get some Autumn and Halloween themed pieces ready for Repeat Impressions.

Here is what I have come up with...and I still have a few idea's up my sleeve.

Best Witches took no time to make at all and it was fun. I love the Etta image that I received last month and just had to use her again. The Witches face I stamped twice, once so I could cut out a hat for Etta and the second time so that I could make her Halloween mask. I painted the Witches face with Sparkeling H2O's so of course she is shimmery and I used a toothpick I painted black as the handle. The orange and purple threads are DMC floss.
Other stamps I used are the haunted Tree, Bats, and the Best Witches phrase. And can all be found HERE

This one I call, All Dressed Up

What do the ghouls of Halloween do when it is time for them to dress up? Well, the mix and match. I stamps the Witch, Dracula and Frankenstein faces a number of times and painted them all with Sparkeling h2O's. I cut various bits and pieces out of each of them and combined them to make the costumes.

The background paper is various shades of sparkeling H2O sponged on heavy weight cardstock. It has a ghoulishly shimmery effect that is lost when scanned...

The spider Webs have been stamped with an orange glitter powder and I finished it off with the jack-O-Lanterns phrase.

I wanted to make something fast and simple and I love tags. these would be perfect on a cellophane bag stuffed with candy corns or your favorite Halloween treat.

From Left to right
Dracula Tag: I used a decorative paper and cut the tag out. Dracula I stamped on white paper and colored with Sparkeling H2O's. I mounted Dracula and then surrounded him with bats that are done with black glitter. To finish off the tag I added some black Dresden along the bottom and the fibers.

Frankenstein Tag: I stamped Frankenstein on white paper and colored him with Sparkeling H2O's. While he was drying I cut the tag out of decorative paper and then threaded it with a random chriss cross pattern using green DMC floos. To hide the holes I put black brads through them. I then mounted the cut out Frankenstein and added various Halloween stickers along the bottom. i finished it off with a fabulous Halloween colored ribbon.

Witch Tag: Following the same stamp and color process as the other two tags. I cut out the tag from a decorative paper and stamped the spider webs and covered them with purple glitter. Then I mounted the witch, adding a black rhinestone here her wart is and purple rhinestones up the sides. I finished her off withe a piece of black lace and orange ribbon.

All stamps to make these pieces can be found HERE

This one I call Fall Fellows and I am disappointed in it. I love the image of the men in the woods and I was trying to emphasize the image by placing the leaves all around it. However I think I got my leaf colors a bit wrong.

I used marvey Brush markers direct to stamp to get the two toned effect. When the colors blended some of them came out wrong. The bright tealy looking blue is actually a dark green marker but mixed with the ochre you get, well, teal.

I also glittered some of the leaves...I do like those, they are fun.
As a backdrop to all of this I used a stamp called Random leaves. To finish the card off I embossed the edges with gold and I covered the Friendly Gents with diamond Glaze.

if I have time I am going to rework this card I think it will be fabulous If I can get my colors right.

Last but certainly not least is the Harvest Goddess

She is ATC sized and I think that I got the colors just right. the background paper is a Sparkeling h2o mixture using golds and browns and is all shimmery.

Onto of that I stamped the Foliage Positive in dark brown ink. The Goddess and the Wheat sheaf were stamped on white paper with brown ink, colored with colored pencils and cut out.

I mounted them all as shown and then lined the edges of the ATC with a green mixed with gold embossing powder.

I hope you enjoy my pieces.


lottie said...

They are all very clever - gorgeous

Dawn said...

OMG, I love all of them! You did a wonderful job. The Ghouls are too cute - can ghouls be cute? LOL

Dawn said...

Ok, I have to comment again:) I showed my husband your ghouls and he loved them too;)

jami said...

I love the little monster tags. Very cute.

Zuzu's Blog said...

some great work.. love the halloween things.. would make great things for kids and trick or treat..