Saturday, September 6, 2008

Adore all things Gold

This week lets pay homage to something we all love...GOLD...use the color in your creation as the feature or as an accent. As always the theme is open to your interpretation. So if the color Gold is not the first thing you think of when you see the word Gold...then show us what you do think of As Always Have fun!

I have these wonderful cards that are all paintings of women from the 20's. I mixed some gold pearl ex powder in with gesso and lightly covered everything on the car but the woman. When you really look at the card you can still see some of the details under the Gesso...I wish I had watered it down a bit more.

Then I stamped the flowers at the base of the card. On top of all of that (masked the woman) I gold embossed swirls. To finish it off I attached a golden hued lace ribbon and rubbed on some fun phrases.

Hope you enjoy!

Thanks for looking


Elisabeth said...

I love the gold swirls!! She's got the look of "You touch me you die" going on. LOL

Rachel said...

The gold swirls are great! I also like the gold lace on top. um, I guess I just really go for gold, eh? Great job!

joanne wardle said...

great card, the gold lace is fantastic