Saturday, September 6, 2008

3D Ornament Swap

I always have a terrible time with the layout of these longer posts with lots of pictures...if anyone can tell me what i am doing wrong that would be fantastic...I hate that the pictures will not all stay on one side.

Okay onto the fun part.

This past month, August, I hosted the Circle of Friends monthly swap. My theme was 3D ornaments, they did not have to be holiday themed but they did have to be able to hang. Well, as always the ladies really did a fantastic and super creative job.

The first piece, the green heart shaped envelope is from our newest member S.P. The top of the heart is hand sewn with a gold DMC floss and at the end of each of the black swirls on the envelope she had a dollop of greenish gold glitter. The String to hang her lovely piece from is entirely beaded! The leaf in the center is cut from a lovely paper, I am fortunate to be the recipient of some, and it is a shimmery gold. Both sides of her envelope are decorated the same. i absolutely love this ornament, I don't want it to get lost on my tree so I am going to have to find a perfect place to hang it during the season...

This wall hanging is made by E.O. and I just can't get over it. I already have it hanging on my refrigerator but instead of the count down numbers i have a list of gifts that I need to purchase or make before Christmas.

The background paper that she used has some built in glitter on some of the snowflakes. The Santa I believe is a die cut, but I don't do die cuts so I am not even 100% sure what one is...grinning sheepishly. I love the way she colored Santa's looks to me like he has already taken some trips down a chimney or two and the white ball on the end of his hat is perfect...I always use those things for bunny tales around Easter but now I have a new use!

She hand wrote the words and Santa is 3D'ed off of the background paper.

E.O. was disappointed with her clothes pin but to me it is the perfect size! It does not take away from the rest of her fabulous Countdown piece.

You can see more of E.O.'s work HERE

This plushy 3D ornament is by A.L. much of what I type is going to be speculation but here goes.

The fabric I believe is the robin's egg blue and it has black dots all over it. I believe that A.L. stamped various swirls, words and wings randomly all over the fabric with brown and grey inks. The back of my ornament says "Hope"

She then stamped the angels face onto off white muslin and cut it out and attached it to the background fabric. She also sewed on the silver wing, snowflakes, lace, and other ribbons. She then added some silver dots randomly all over before stuffing her ornament and sewing it shut.

Every time I look at this piece I find something new...I think I need to try and make a plushy 3D ornament now.
This fabulous 6 pointed piece is by A.P.

Poor A.P. she is just not having much luck with this swap. Here is her story, be sure to go to her website there are much better photo's of her ornament on her blog...

I am not having very much luck with this swap I guess. Elisabeth's didn't come out of the envelope and when I pulled it out hard, I broke the clip.I was still in the process of taking out my packing peanuts, to get the rest of them out and my son comes and picks it up and drops the one and only glass ornament there is.

The little one was standing right there, but luckily no one got hurt.There should have been warning labels outside :-)

Here are your warnings:
1. No kids around when opening packages
2. If something doesn't come out, cut the envelope carefully
Hope this helps the rest of you. *Smiles*

If you are interested in seeing how I made the ornament and a video click here.

This one is mine...I have had the clear glass balls since last Christmas along with the idea of stuffing them with something...actually I got the idea out of a magazine, Transparent Art by Somerset Studio.

I stamped the dragon on a hand died green muslin then I sewed it onto a flannel pink fabric that I cut slightly larger, the back has some cherry blossom looking fabric on it. I attached the white rose by sewing and sewed the entire fabric bit onto transparency film that I had cut to fit inside the ball.

It was really quite simple, the hardest part was getting the transparency film cut to the correct size.

J.R.'s miniature snowflake is absolutely beyond my comprehension. I don't even know what to say about how she put it together, what the folding techniques were or how many sheets of paper she used. All I know is that it is lovely and it to will not be getting lost in my Christmas tree...It will need a very special place somewhere near S.P's

J.R. recently started a blog... HERE
check out the super cute new addition to her family...he has stolen my heart!

And last but certainly not least is M.D's I am afraid I am not doing her piece justice when I describe it as a Chinese lantern. She stamped the lovely lined flower randomly on the yellowish greenish paper that she then curled into the lantern shape. I believe that she hand drew some of the center flower details. There is also a glittery element to the center of the flowers.

Handing from the inside is the center of the flower stamped all around the lantern with a fabulous bobble attached.

M.D.'s piece is fabulously done and very very neat...I have it hanging from a sconce right now...I just love how ever time when I walk by the bobble moves with the breeze!

Fabulous job ladies...I love them all and they have put me in a holiday mood! I can't wait to put up all my holiday goodies and get to show off your fabulous work to everyone!


Annapurna said...

You always do a great job of taking all the pictures and describing all of them. Now I know what yours was supposed to look like. May be I will go buy another clear glass ornament and stick what is left in there.

You had to put my email word to word :-)

lottie said...

Another awesome array of fantastic artwork - all different but adorable.