Tuesday, October 25, 2011

October Surprise ~ Circle of Friends Swap

The Circle of Friends does a monthly surprise swap, you send one item of your choosing to your secret partner.  This is the first month that I have taken part and I had a great time creating this little piece for my secret person.

It started off as a bottle cap magnet with one of my favorite Halloween themes, Mr. Edgar Allan Poe.

Then I decided it needed something special to whisk it away to my secret partner.  When a small fabric bag crossed my path I snatched it up and died it a soft grey.  Then I decided to add a flower. 

I altered two straight pins to affix the flower to the bag.  So my partner can take it off and use it elsewhere. 

And finally I stamped the back with spiders.  I hope she likes it, I'm off to drop it in the mail.


Kim said...

Gorgeous!! I adore Poe and that piece you made is so cool! xo

Susan said...

Oh, I bet she will love that! Very creative of you! I love your spider blog background, too. Thanks so much for your recent visit to my blog. I'm so inspired by fellow creators such as yourself!
- Susan

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Very cute goodies and surprises!

In answer to your question on my blog:

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I hope this helps! These two series are by far my favorite YA series. Ever.

Ricki Jill