Friday, August 14, 2009

Wedding Napkins

My little sister's good friend is getting married this weekend out here in CA and she asked me if I would make a set of cocktail napkins as part of the gift.

Of course I'll make a set of napkins...always looking for an excuse.

She wanted an elegant set that was very simple. After going back and forth on the colors we finally decided on a two toned grey napkin with silver highlights.

The main portion of the napkin is a light heather grey. I was very worried about this at first since I do not like purple at all but after putting the pewter trim on the purple kinda went away...phew...

Both the center of the napkin and the trim have the silver accents it is just easier to see in these pictures on the darker fabric.

From the very beginning they were always going to have the initial on them.

I wanted to add a tight zig zag of silver thread all along the trim and center part but for some reason my sewing machine would not cooperate at all. I wish that it had because I think it would have made this set of napkins a bit fancier. But then again it could have taken them over the edge since we wanted to keep them very simple and clean.

I hope they make a big hit in their new home...My husband said that no one gets excited over wedding gifts but if I had gotten hand made napkins I think I might have been excited...let's hope she is.

I made extras just in case something went wrong but amazingly nothing did and I am going to be selling the other set (not stamped yet) in my etsy store.

Now onto the next billion of cocktail napkin designs I have floating around in my head.


Elisabeth said... those are very elegant!! I love them!

Sandi said...

You are amazing woman!! These are gorgeous...simple but elegant!!

Jeanette said...

These are beautiful. Very sophisticated.