Thursday, August 20, 2009

ATC Alphabet Journal

I promised the COF that I would not open my Journal until I finished all their entries. Well I finished the last Journal today (see post below) and ripped into my Journal. If I had known what was awaiting me I would not have been able to keep my promise.

Okay so for my Journal I went with an ATC format but got very specific. I had two lists of words (alphabet style) and each member was assigned to one of the lists. That had to select a minimum of 3 words and display them on the ATC Without using the words on the ATC.

The above 3 images are the ATC from List A which was Architecture, Birds, Coffee, Door, Eye(s), Feather(s), Garden, Hat(s), Ice, Jasmine, kid(s), Love, Man/Men, Night, Opera, Paris, Quills, Reading, Star(s), Tea, Umbrella, Velvet, Winter, Xanadu, Yarn, ZigZag

The above three images all used words from List B Which was Art, Boy(s), Clock(s), Dog(s), Elegance, Flower(s), Girl(s), Hollywood, Insect(s), Japan,Key(s), Leaf(s), Mermaid(s), Number(s), Ocean, Postage, Queen, Rhinestone(s), Shoe(s), Tree(s), Undergarment(s), Vase, Wing(s), Xebec, Year(s), Zodiac

Not all the words were used and I found it very interesting which ones were not. I am thrilled with all the ATC's and can't wait to put the journal together.

Thanks to all the COF members for making this such a fun Journal!


Sandy..... said...

You did a great job on all of them. I especially like the A.L. Architecture Opera Stars~!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the excellent posts