Monday, August 31, 2009

Frankensteined Gothic Arches, Medieval theme

Well...working up to the last minute on this project. Today is the mailing deadline for the COF Gothic Arches with Medieval as the theme. I just finished the last touches and will be mailing them off this afternoon. This was a bit of a Frankenstein project. Originally there were going to be 4 different castle images (transparencies) but the 4th was too short so I had to order another transparency sheet (Alpha Stamps) and only used three of the images...all very lovely. Also, the butterfly wingers were always going to be different but I didn't know that I would be coloring the women differently. Nor did I know that I would be using different trims. The Felt trim has a long story. I ordered the burgundy felt sticker leaves from Alpha stamps thinking they were brown. When they arrived I only got one set and I was sure I ordered 2....well, I did but they were out of stock. So instead of trying to find something at a local craft store I decided to use what I had. I got through 5 leaving me 3 to find alternate trims. you can see I ended up using 2 different green felt trims...neither of which I am a huge fan of. I do hope the group enjoys these more than I enjoyed piecing them together. For some reason the mental picture in my mind did not make it to the paper at all this time...guess this one I'll try again later...see where I went wrong. Click on the image to enlarge. thanks for looking

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