Thursday, August 20, 2009

Last of the COF Journal's for 2009

I finally finished the last of the Circle of Friends journal's for this year. I've had this one sitting around the house for way too long and feel bad about it. I'm very grateful for the patience of the member who has had to wait on it for WAY TO LONG. I hope she thinks the wait was worth it.

The instructions for this particular journal were "It was a dark and stormy night...Actually it's about 90 degrees and humid, but that doesn't sound nearly as dramatic. This journal is a mystery; or really it's about mysteries. Most of us read Nancy Drew, played clue or seen Hitchcock. So please do some mysterious pages for my journal..."

Being the last person to get this journal and not one that is into pure mysteries this was a hard one for me. I vaguely recalled a movie from my childhood "Arsenic and Old Lace" so I rented it from netFlix (shameless promotion) and sat down to enjoy what I thought was a mystery but turned out more to be a twisted comedy with a brutal plot...being at a bit of a loss I decided to use it anyway.

Page 1 (above) I used a fabulous textured background paper...the dark swirls are felt. The passages are from the start of the movie which takes place in Brooklyn, hence the skyline at the bottom.

The main spread is a combination of the setting of the movie and things that occurred in it. It starts off with a marriage where the couple lives across the graveyard from one another and then the movie moves into the murder aspect with a heavy salting of funny characters and odd twists that I wasn't able to portray well.

And lastly "The End" not just the end of the movie but the end of this members Journal since I'm the last to work on it. so sad...I wrote out the producer and the stars and when it was made, stamped a few random bats and used a Tim Holtz stencil to give the page some punch.

The COF have decided to take a break until next year at least as far as the journal rotations go. So be watching out for the newest journals starting January of 2010.

I hope that everyone has enjoyed my journal entries as much as I have enjoyed working on them.

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