Monday, February 9, 2009

Queen Sweet Heart

There going out in the mail today! What are they you may ask? Well, these are my first "With One Stamp ATC's" for the swap I am hosting for Alpha Stamps.

Every other month, or so, I will be hosting a swap through Alpha Stamps that features one of their marvelous stamps. This past month the stamp was the Queen Sweet Heart. This is a 3 for 3 ATC swap and the ATC's from everyone that joined are fabulous and can be seen HERE

If you are interested in joining these Fabulously fun swaps all you have to do is join the Alpha Stamps Yahoo Group...yea yea I know what you are thinking...I'm already a member of too many groups...this one is different! All swaps hosted through the group allow you to purchase the stamps at a huge discount. And the chatting is marvelous (and there is not too much) So go HERE to join.

The next stamp has already been selected it is O is for Olive and it can be viewed on THIS page, just scroll down a little. Not your I said, we do these a lot so maybe next time you will really love the stamp. I am really looking forward to playing with this stamp I have a ton of idea's!

Okay onto what I have done with the Queen Sweet Heart Stamp. The above ATC is my dream deck of cards Queen of Hearts...of course if I had this deck of cards I would want it to come with all the sweets.

To the left I have used the stamp in the background. The Collage image is also from Alpha Stamps, it comes in sepia, black and white or a blue and white. I colored and cut out the part I wanted and then created a window like frame behind her with some glitter highlights.

This is the First ATC that I made and to me it encompasses everything that this stamp is about, royalty, yummy decadent foods, and hearts. I know it may seem busy but to me it works.

I hope that the swap participants had as much fun as I did...and that they enjoy the pieces they get in return as much as I am enjoying mine.

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