Friday, February 20, 2009

Adoption Prayers

Last Summer a friend of mine adopted a little boy and asked me to take this poem and make a wall hanging for her...Well, another friend of mine's sister is adopting a little boy and a little girl and she remembered the piece I did and asked me to make some. She wanted them to be different. I hope she likes what i have made and that the kids will like them for a very long time. It is really hard to think about all the stages of life that this could be on the wall.

On the Left is the "girl" version. The background paper is clouds that I stamped various shimmery circles all over. On top of that I added some swirls all along the edges and to finish it off affixed two dragonflies to the top and bottom of the poem. The poem is held on with sewed "X's" in each corner.

To the Right is the "boy" Version. This one was harder for me to design. I do have a very girly hand sometimes. The background paper is made of the Twinkling H2O's that alas are no longer being made. I then over stamped with stars. The poem is held on with brushed silver brads and it is surrounded by two moons, the color on them is glitter. The only part I am worried about on this one is the moons, they may be a little juvenile when the boy starts to grow up.


Elisabeth said...

They are both adorable!!! I love your background papers!! Beautiful job!

ELK said...

such a marvelous idea made with love I can see it and feel it! ELK

LazyKay said...

Great way of putting the words onto the page using the strips - very effective.