Thursday, September 22, 2011

Savon Marie ~ An Etsy store Review

A few weeks ago I was in search of something for tomorrows upcoming Practical Magic Blog Party and I ran across SavonMarie on Etsy.  The item I fell in love with was not quite what I needed for my Blog Party but I decided to get it anyway (it was not overly priced) and another item from a different store and compare the two head to head.  Well, SavonMarie came out far better than my other option so I am here to tell you just how wonderful this store and the woman that runs it is!

I purchased Harmony Soap and was almost immediately contact by the owner with a thank you and soon there after with shipping information.  She makes all the soup once the order comes in (as did the other store I ordered from, but I never got any personal messages from them).  About a week later I received this wonderful package (it took almost 3 weeks for the other store to complete my order and their soap was not nearly as pretty).

But the greatness didn't stop there, look at the wonderful extras she sent! And everything was so pretty it made me feel special and want to shop with her again. Ohh and I have failed to mention that the soap is Divine, it smells scrumptious and it feels so luxurious (yes, I am using it, at the price she sells her soap at I feel like I can use it and enjoy it instead of it just being pretty).

I am more than thrilled with my purchase and hope that you check out SavonMarie and enjoy her items as much as I am enjoying mine!

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Marie said...

Thanks so much for your wonderful review. It made my day. I'm glad you are enjoying the soap.