Monday, September 5, 2011

Greer House Antiques Topeka KS

 This past summer I drove cross country (again, but hopefully for the last time) to move from CA to AL.  On the way I stopped at a few Antique stores, this one was my favorite.  So if you are ever in Topeka KS stop at Greer House and say Hi to Pam for me.

The building is supposedly the oldest brick building in Topeka.

Pam has a wonderful, very eclectic selection of antiques, her art (altered antiques mostly) and just some fun odds and ends.  I really wanted this old Saloon mirror but alas my car was already full. 

Did I mention that her prices were the lowest I have ever seen!

A mint condition pram!

Isn't her staging wonderful!?!


This is the one purchase I did make there, a vintage ceiling tile redone in a shaby chic style. 

It's had to see but it's the light pink item in the above picture, look at the wonderful texture it adds to this arrangement of items!  I'm planning on adding some hooks to it and hanging some of my art bits from it. 
This was just a small sampling of what she has to offer.  She took me into her "work in progress" room and oh my I wanted everything in there.  She had the most fabulous vintage metal outdoor chairs that I have ever seen!

Hope you enjoyed my tour of Greer House and that you get a chance to stop there.  I'll be uploading pictures from my weekend in Florida soon.

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Zaa said...

Thanks for the journey ..I love window shopping ... Everything looks tempting ( ha Ha) Good thing I'm just reading the blog.... Hugs