Monday, September 12, 2011

Just Add One, 2011-2012 COF Round Robbin Journal

 It's that time again, another Circle of Friends Round Robbin Journal! 

 This year my journal is a giant tag journal that I have called Just Add One.  Each member will have to use the same items that I used on the sample: white paper, baby blue acrylic paint, white crepe paper, silver glitter, Royal Birds stamp set by Layers of Color and Delicious Dots Art stencil also by Layers of Color. 

Then they will also have to add an item from the Add an item bag.  After an Item is added the next member is required to use it along with what I listed above and add another item from the add an item bag.  I know it sounds confusing but I promise I spent more time explaining it in my directions for them.  Ultimately by the time I get the tag book back there will be an additional 6 items on the last tag than what we started with. 

I am excited to start another round Robbin with this wonderful group.  Can't wait to see what the ladies came up with this year!


Georgie Horn said...

How fun! said...

That sounds like such a fun round robin. The last page will be so fun with the accumulated bits!