Thursday, September 8, 2011

Premonitions Bookmark

 Many of you are already aware that I am hosting a Read Along for the book Practical Magic.  One of the things I am also doing is making a handmade gift to give away each week to one lucky participant.  Bookmarks are hard for me, keeping everything flat is so not my thing.  In fact I had to re-do this one at the last minute, and as I type the one for tomorrow is still drying.  Anyway, here are some better pictures of this weeks handmade gift option.
 The one area that I am not concerned about being flat is the top part that is supposed to stick out.  I used paper flowers to enhance this bookmark and splashed them with a bit of shimmer. 
 The idea behind this bookmark is that Jimmy is buried at the bottom (I ripped brown paper that I enhanced with some sparkling H2O's to look like dirt) and the Lilac bush (yea I know those flowers aren't lilac's but at least I got the color right) is growing out of control above him.  I like the way it turned out in the end even if there are some issues with the correct flower. 
 This week I am also including a homemade brownie mix that I put together, I printed out the recipe and attempted to make it look old with some Tim Holtz distress ink and singed edges. 
And here is everything all packaged up.  Now I must head back into the dungeon and work on the upcoming weeks gift, wish me luck glue drying times have doubled with the weather we are having.

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Lisa said...

I love your bookmark! I have to admit I've only seen the movie Practical Magic, but you have me interested. I think I'll read the book.