Saturday, December 25, 2010

Marie Stocking

One of my favorite things to do at Christmas Time are Secret Santa swaps. Marie Antoinette Mail Art group did a Secret Santa Stocking Swap.

This is the stocking I made. There were a few restrictions. it could only be Ivory/Cream, Brown, Gold or Silver and it needed to be Marie inspired.

I purchased a pre made stocking (if I ever do something like this again I'll just make the stocking) and tea died it. I also tea died some lace and cotton fabric at the same time.

The main feature on my stocking is the Eiffel tower which I printed on fabric. I added some gold chiffon as a trim and hid the sew line with gold sequins. Yes, I had to hand sew the sequins on.

The flowers are a find. They were in the iron on section at Joanne's. However they are not really iron on's since they too have chiffon on them and it would melt if I used the heat needed to affix these to the stocking. I did use some heat, glue and sewed them on randomly all over the stocking.

The hardest part, but the first thing that came to my mind when designing the stockinng is the cuff. I wanted the layers of chiffon to be a little bit more crinkled/fluffed (more like the way it is around the Eiffel tower) but overall I do like how it turned out.

Each layer is longer than the one above it so the cuff really is quite thick. To hide the sew mark and all the extra fabric I affixed the wonderful gold tree ribbon.

Under the cuff I placed the tea died lace as my final touch. Then all I had to do was fill the stocking. Again there were some limitations, money amount and at least one item needed to be a Marie item.

I decided to make a Marie ornament. However all the images I had were a little large for just one square ornament. When I was playing with placement I realized that the ornament cut off right at her head (how apropriate is that!) So I decided to attach two squares and have her head in one and body in the other.

I trimmed her and affixed her to a lovely cold paper and then added a cup cake, vines and a bit of hair bling before closing it up and adding glitter all around the outside. I also added a fleur de lis and a mini Eiffle Tower. The finishing touch is the ribbon and when you flip it over the same Eiffle tower from above is on it.

Some of the other goodies I put inside are in the image below. I do hope that the person receiving my stocking enjoys it and everything I put inside.


Rella said...

Your stocking project is really lovely and the sachets are fabulous...who would not love some chocolate?? The ornament is really pretty and will look lovely on the tree..and the special box to put it in..wonderful.

xox Rella

Debbie L said...

Just love your stocking design, Beautiful job!

Fishtail Cottage said...

Scrolling thru your blog - you are very talented! love those stockings! xoox