Saturday, December 25, 2010

Marie Sachets

This year I made sachets for all the women in the family and some other very special friends.
I found the bird themed fabric and was inspired. But first I had to die the bird fabric (it was originally white). I tea died it along with some plain white cotton which I later stamped the Marie image on.

The flowers are very simple and also handmade. I cut 3 different sized circles from a polyester based fabric, then cut slits to emulate petals and finally took a candle and heated the fabric so it melted just a bit forming the natural petal shape. I stacked the 3 circles together and sewed them adding a jem to the inside.
The ribbon along the bottom is also the same as the flowers. I cut a strip, stamping it with french text and butterflies. I sewed this on with three separate lines of stitching that I swerved.

Each sachet is filled to the brim with either lavender (the blue trimmed sachets) or Rose. I really love the way they smell and am very pleased with how they came out. I hope everyone that gets them loves them and gets years and years of yummy smelling lingerie out of them ;)


Rella said...

Totally gorgeous!! Beautiful dye job, beautiful flowers.......just awesome.

xox Rella

ByLightOfMoon said...

These are fabulous! I Will have to try to make some also, I have not tries stamping on fabric like this before, what inspiration!

Smiles, Cyndi