Saturday, December 25, 2010

2011 Calender

Another big Circle of Friends project completed. Alas I am a little upset that I didn't do a better job putting these together and I wanted to have time to decorate the calender pages inside but with the new year approaching it's time to call it quits on these and get them in the mail.
Sandy starts us off with a wonderful blue and silver ATC. Everything on this shimmers, a very exciting way to start the year.

We doubled up on a few months and if a member did more than two months one of the ATC's could be digital. This is my digital piece. The main image is from Alpha Stamps. The birds and the perfume bottle are from various Etsy sellers.

This is my second contribution and I love it. For starters the paper is handmade but then I went and covered it with my favorite lily stamp and bunnies, my favorite thing about Easter. I wanted something non religious for this month.

Sandy's second contribution and I think I love it almost as much as her first. In the upper right hand corner she has a glittered squiggle which alas did not photo but really adds to this ATC.

One of Sandi's pieces. The phrase reads "The way to know life is to love many things." -Vincent Ban Gogh. The paper she used is glittery and with the pearl's this is really a lovely ATC.

Andrea's ATC has a ton of fabulous layers. Over the image that is predominant she has stamped and gold shimmer dusted a grid, it really adds to this ATC. She has also highlighted many of the bee's and some random dots with gold ink.

Sandi's second contribution. I absolutely love this patriotic ATC. The blue frame is all glitter and when she added diamond glaze to the image it blended the blue or red, smoothing it out really making the silouet pop even more.

Janice's very first digital ATC and wow did she outdo herself. The words have a wonderful water/shadow effect. If you look carefully you can see a whale's tale diving into the water.

Janice's second contribution. I really wish you all could see this one in person. The flowers are coming through circular cut outs and the poem is on transparency that is sewn on one side so you can lift the other.

Sarette's contribution. Okay so my camera is not great...the color of this is really a deep brick red. The quote reads "One Falling leaf may herald the coming of autumn." It is a Chinese Proverb and perfect for October since many of us live in states that don't get cold until November.

Kathy put together this ATC for November. It is another one where you really need to see it in person. Everything is shimmery and it's done on water color paper so the paint is really wonderful.

Lynda our newest member did December for us. Each of her's were different, this is the one that I received. I love the hat and the colors all go together so well.
I am so glad that we did this project. This is a great collection of ATC's that I will cherish year in and year out.

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