Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Themed ATC's

This is the second part of a seasonal ATC swap that I am hosting for Alpha Stamps. These are my Summer themed ATC's. If you are not a member of the Alpha Stamps Yahoo Group you should be...and there are still two more fabulous season swaps that you can take part in. Not to mention the tons of other totally rockin' swaps!

Sun, Surf and Sand:
This ATC gave me a headache...I could see what I wanted clearly in my mind but no matter what I couldn't get it to look right on paper.

The background are pages torn from a "beach read" in other words I destroyed the book with sand and saltwater when I took it with me the last time to the beach. Some fluffy romance that was perfect for loosing my mind. I washed it with a gesso mixture.

I stamped the woman on transparency and colored her in with Tim Holtz alcohol inks. The sun was embossed on cardstock and cut out. I filled the "inside" with glitter and covered it with a page marble.

The blue trim at the top is half of the wave sticker on the bottom which I enhanced with glitter. To finish this ATC off I added the words and a bit of sand.

Sitting with the Sea Shells:

This one just came together like magic...I had no vision I was just playing.

The background is french script stamped in brown ink on green paper with an acrylic wash over it.

Next I cut out the image and positioned her. The boarder is texture paste that I covered with sand and smashed shells.

For the sea shells I used the same acrylic wash as the background (they were too bright originally) cut them apart (they come as a boarder sticker) and placed them as shown.

On the Boardwalk:

I think this one is my favorite. It is also the first one I made.

The boardwalk is made of flat crafting sticks stained with walnut ink. Next I cut out the "on the boardwalk" phrase, staining the edges with brown ink and placing the words behind Tim Holtz filmstrip.

Lastly I affixed the woman image and the star fish.

Exotic Fish Scales:

This was a just because one. Normally I like to have a lot more stamping or more layers but I had done a project recently that I used these sequins for and I just loved them.

I surrounded the image with the sequins. Stamped the fish image on transparency and affixed some sequins on fishing wire behind the image. I wanted them to look like exotic fish scales.

Hiding Behind the Coral:

This is the second ATC that I put together. I also had this one all planned out and it did not come together until after I got a friends help. Sometimes we just have to be shown a different rode.

I cut out the images placed them and then painstakingly cut out the coral. The Coral is covered with distress diamond glaze so it is crackely which is really cool. Lastly I added the sand and the gold German scrap.


This was the last ATC I put together. I was dying to use the sea floor stamp, I tried to use it in Sun, Surf and Sand but that didn't work.

I affixed the entire image onto a vintage toned cardstock and direct to paper stamped the sea floor.

To finish it off I added all the sea shells. They are from a sticker boarder that I cut apart. On the back of the hanging sea shells I have stamped the word "Lounge"

I can't wait to swap these out...some of the other participants ATC's have already started to trickle in and I've uploaded a few. You can view them HERE

All stamps, collage images and stickers can be purchased from Alpha Stamps.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

These are so cool! I think with the awful heat we've had,that card #2, with the least clothing really captures this summer!
Very nice work!


Pauline said...

Wow Caroline, these ROCK! I love them all, but my favourites are Sitting with Sea Shells, Fishy Scales, and Lounge. They are STUNNING!