Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Hey all...yesterday's outpatient surgery went pretty well. I am of course at home now but my computer needs a bit of surgery itself to get it up and running so i won't be updating to much.

Just wanted everyone to know that I am doing well. Have not needed the pain meds yet and don't think I will if I take it easy, something I am not going to do, oh well.

However if I ever see the anesthesiologist again that man better run. After all I did tell him I was small and that meds worked really fast on me. The worst thing about yesterday is that I think he used to much "knock you out"med. I was sick all day and sleepy all day. so much fun to wake up b/c you have to throw up. Sorry for the over share.

Anyway I should be back to normal in time to make the big move. Joy!

I'll keep everyone posted as soon as I hear back from the doc, he is biopsying the lump today.

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Flippinpest said...

Hope that you feel better soon!