Friday, April 3, 2009

Similar but yet Totally different

I just finished two books that had totally different plot lines but yet a lot of similarities and I find it odd that I really liked one and not the other.

Bite Me is a Young Adult book about a Vampire Slayer who struggles with an alter personality of a demon. You Slay Me is about a woman who discovers she is part of a very paranormal world and is a mate to a dragon. So they are both paranormal.

The other similarity is that the best character (in my opinion) in each book was the Dog. Yes, they both had a dog that was a demon. Well in Bite Me it is half demon but still. And both these dogs had great sarcastic personalities and would do anything to save the main character.

I really enjoyed Bite Me, even though it was pitched to me as a "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" type book and I was not a Buffy fan. The main character of course is flawed but you still like her and feel for her.

I however did not like You Slay Me. The main character was a ditz and the romance line was out there, she is a mate to a dragon, yes he has a human body also, but she can't decide if she likes him or hates him. But yet she is all on board with how he makes her "feel" I guess I need justification for the romance line and there was none. I have no intention of reading any more books in this series as I found it shallow and stupid at best. I will however try one of her other series because I have heard good things about this author.

Maybe I just didn't want to be reading this particular genre when I was. I've noticed that since i have broadened the types of books I read that at certain times I do need a paranormal and others I need my heavy historical fiction.

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