Sunday, April 12, 2009


This week over at One Powerful Hour Lisa has set the challenge to use a piece of Impressionist art in our creation.

I was on vacation when the challenge was posted but I had a lot of different ideas. What I eventually made is not one of my ideas :) I am not a fan of Monet at all, Degas is more my style but when I went to my trusted old art book I saw Claude Monet's Le Bassin d'Argenteuil (Sailing along the Seine) and had to use it.

You can not see very well but I overstamped a map image all over the painting and covered it with blue pearl ex powder. Then I added the woman image since everything I have read about Impressionist art is that it had a lot of "human forms" so I thought the image needed one. Then, I got stuck LOL...

So I decided to read the paragraph about this painting and it started like this "The Impressionist were drawn to painting outdoor leisure activity, and many of their prototypical works depict scenes from resort areas along the Seine River..." Well, that is all I needed, I stamped the letters to spell Serenity and added a dragonfly (not 100% happy with its colors) To finish it all off I added photo corners, hoping to give the impression that the altered painting is still a painting.

When I went to mount the piece I really liked the excess blue instead of an even 1/8" boarder, to me it looks more like it is hanging on a wall and all the blue makes it more serene.

I had a lot of fun with this challenge even though at first glance it sounds really hard, but mine was done in no time at all, I managed to clean and scan my image and post this blog all in the one hour time limit! i think that is the best i have ever done.


lisa said...

This is really beautiful! I love the word serenity with Monet's work, I think it epitomizes it! Thanks for doing the challenge, glad you liked it!

lisa said...

thanks so much for sending me this card!!! I love it, and I love all the collage papers and little goo-gaws you included too....very very sweet of you!