Friday, May 1, 2009

Repeat Impressions

Here are my latest pieces for Repeat Impression which I had an absolute blast making. I think this was the funnest (yes, i know that is not a word) assignment so far.

Wendy asked up to make 2 pieces using various sea life images. I selected the tropical fish and seahorse images to use for the Yellow Submarine I created.

I found the template for the yellow sub online, it was a free coloring image for children that I printed off and then enlarged slightly using photoshop. All the black lines were part of the coloring image. I did however remove the small portal windows on the image and replace it with the large portal I made.

To make the portal I cut out a circle using my coluzzle system and then silver embossed the entire circle. Next I added some very watered down black acrylic paint that I let dry slightly before wiping off. To finish I attached brads all around to look like the screws that hold the portal in place.

The Fish images are colored with color pencil and the one fish in the smaller window I reverse stamped. To finish off the sub I added the image of Etta.

Last week for a One Powerful Hour challenge of circles I submitted an entry of some circular stickers with frogs on them. Well, here is the reward chart that I am using those stickers on.

As stated in the previous post my daughter is potty training right now so what could be better than stickers with frogs in underpants?

The way we are using the chart is every time she successfully uses the potty she gets to put a sticker on that day. We are not worried about her pulling her pants down yet or flushing (which she loves to do anyway) just focusing on the actual use. Once she gets it down we will add on more tasks required for her to earn a sticker.

All the stamps using on this and all other projects in this post are by Repeat Impressions.

With this assignment Wendy sent out a collection of lovely papers...I mean absolutely stunning, I didn't want to cut into them. She asked that we use at least one of the papers on a project.

I had a billion ideas but went with the fastest since life is hectic right now. The paper I used is the pink swirl overlay.

I cut it into little squares and placed it alternately over the queens. The three queens you can see I colored with colored pencils and then glued onto the solid black background. The queens under the velum are white embossed.

To finish it off I attached the overlay with silver brads and silver embossed the saying "Now Accepting Compliments" I am really upset that even with my stamp positioner I did not get the phrase on straight.

This is the second of the two ocean themed items Wendy asked us to create. I painted a 5x7 art board using shimmery paints one blue and one a greenish gold, really pretty. Once that was dry I affixed the brightly colored fish. They are painted with sparkling H2O's and black embossed. Each fish has some blue glitter coming up from them to form bubbled.

The bottom of the canvas I glued some actual sand on and then stamped the starfish and sea shell boarder on a sand colored paper and clear embossed. Cut it out and affixed it. To finish this piece off I added some blue bead work ribbon to dangle from the bottom.

This is the last piece that was required for us to make. Wendy wanted us to do something with the Fairy stamp. We could select which one we wanted to work with.

One of the first stamps she ever sent me was the cancellation stamp for postage. And I had not used it yet so I decided that something "Fairy Postage" like would be fun.

Using a green background paper I embossed an hexagon shaped postage stamp using a greenish powder, trying to keep them nice and lined up. I stamped the flower boarder direct to paper and painted it with Sparkling H2O's. The fairy image and the dragonfly in the postage stamp I colored and cut out of white cardstock and affixed them to the ATC after randomly stamping the cancellation stamp in blue.

I am still playing with a few other pieces for this assignment. One of them is a clock using a different fairy image and then I also have a makeshift organizer for a grocery list that is proving a bit more complicated than I thought. And of course I want to play with more of the lovely papers. I hope I have time before I move.

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Flippinpest said...

Lovely set of work. I especially like the art board piece with the brightly coloured fish :-)
What a great reward chart for your little one!